Wednesday, January 10, 2001

My pet ferret Boris

Boris is a really cute fellow I found at my local pet store. We brought him home 01/10/2001. He was probably about eight weeks old. He is lovable and sweet and belongs to me and my husband, Mike.

Boris is growing large very quickly. He is named Boris, because he has an underbite which makes him look very menacing. He has two very round, dayk eyes and a furry tail. Boris lives in Tigard, in an apartment with me. He is very quiet and likes to scurry about from one piece of furniture to another. His activity keeps us entertained, especially when we look for him.

He likes to hide under my bed and follow me around. He answers to no name, but will come if I have choolate syrup on my fingers.

  • going back into his pent house.
  • being kept from bullying the other ferrets.
  • to find places to hide
  • exploring the apartment
  • bullying the other ferrets

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