Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Biggest Loser, Lose It! & Hundred Pushups

It's been 17 weeks since my last update. I regret that I am unable to report reaching another 5 pound milestone at this time. I've been up and down quite a bit in the past 17 weeks. However, I am very excited about a few developments. First, I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge here at work. It's a bit like the game show in that contestants try to lose the most weight and it is measured as a percentage of your starting weight, and there is a cash prize at the end. About 50 people joined with an entrance fee of $25.00 that puts the prize money very near $1250. There will be some weekly prizes that nibble away at that just a bit, but it's a great motivator to keep on track.

I also found a new app for my iPhone called Lose It. It helps me track calories from food and exercise, and it helped me set a daily calorie goal for losing 2 pounds per week. It works WAY better than Weight Watcher Online, primarily because the database was part of the download. I don't have to connect to the Internet in order to look up the calorie content of a given food item.

I also found a website called It is a gradual training program much like the Couch to 5k program I was all excited about last April. This program also comes with an iPhone app to help keep track of the sets and rest periods for each day and each week. I'm planning to start this program right after belt testing while we are on our vacation as part of my plan not to turn into a complete wimp while I'm away from my taekwondo class for a week. That first day back from Hawaii was a killer!

I'm planning to combine the 100 pushups program with the 200 sit ups program, the 200 squats program and the Couch to 5K programs. They all come with iPhone apps to help me keep track of my schedule.

There is also a 20 chin-ups training program by another guy, but I don't have a chinning bar, so I don’t I’m going to start that one right away, but I'm putting up the link because it has some great videos of men doing chin-ups in rather interesting ways. Maybe after I reach 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups I'll be strong enough to start on chin-ups. I could go to the playground near my house. I'll let you know how it goes.