Monday, December 31, 1979

Gladys Knight 1974-1983

In 1975, Gladys Knight married Barry Hankerson. This ceremony was first-class, but it had it's share of disasters. First little Jomo Hankerson, age four, was dropped off in play clothes. Everyone else was dressed to the nines, so it was off to Sax Fifth Avenue for a new suit. There was no time for Gladys to have her hair done. Gladys wedding dress, which was custom made by Giorgio, was four inches too short. Gladys' sister Brenda was the matron of honor, and she fell down the stairs with a great crash, moments before whe was supposed to walk down the aisle. The ceremony began two hours late. The best snafu: the groom couldn't say his bride's name properly: "Maria Knight Gladys, I mean, Gladys Knight Maria." Also this year, she appeared in and episode of The Jeffersons.

Shanga Ali Hankerson was bory August 1, 1976. Six months later, Jimmy died at the age of thirty-five of a ruptured spleen. Gladys Knight made her acting debut this year in Pipe Dreams about love set among the Alaskan oil piplines. She also appeared in an episode of The Muppet Show.

In 1977, Gladys and her brother Bubba won $3,000 one night in Las Vegas at craps. They cashed it into $100 bills and threw them up in the air just like in the movies.

In 1979 Glady appeared in an episode of Benson.