Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Gladys Knight 2002

January 25, 2002: R&R (Radio & Records) Magazine included a full-page advertisement for Gladys' "This Is Our Time," aimed at adult contemporary radio stations. Also, on page 74 is an interview with Gladys, in which she discusses her inspiration for the tune, "This Is Our Time," and her new show at Flamingo Las Vegas.

February 2002: Gladys Knight appeared in In Style Magazine’s Celebrity Weddings section. She also appeared in Rosie Magazine this month

February 7, 2002: Gladys Knight made a public appearance at a Salt Lake department store to promote and autograph an Olympic commemorative CD titled "Light Up the Land.” The Olympic torch entered Salt Lake City along the same route Mormon pioneers used to settle in the city more than 150 years ago. An actor portraying Brigham Young, the man who led the migration west, rode ahead of the torch in a stagecoach to Washington Square in downtown Salt Lake City where it was welcomed in a special ceremony. Gladys contributed the torch ceremony with her performance of, "This Is Our Time" with a children’s choir. She appeared that evening on local television in both Slat Lake and Las Vegas stating how "elated" she was to be there. Gladys did not participate in the opening ceremonies on February 8, 2002 possibly due to her commitments in Las Vegas. You can listen to “This is Our Time” at r3radio.com. Click on “Commemorative CD” to go straight to Gladys.  There is also a brief interview with Gladys talking about the song and the games.

February 7, 2002: Gladys co-hosted "The Today Show" with Katie Couric in Salt Lake City.

February 7, 2002: A&E finally rescheduled their episode of Biography featuring Gladys Knight. Biography.com had a poll where you could vote for your favorite Gladys song: Neither One of Us, Midnight Train, Imagination, and Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me. You can buy the episode on VHS for $14.95.

February 12, 2002: Opening night at the Flamingo.  Gladys Knight signed a one-year contract with the Flamingo in Las Vegas. She will perform Tuesday through Saturday. "I am thrilled to be headlining at a property with such a rich entertainment legacy "the Flamingo," she said. "I have lived in Las Vegas for quite sometime now and couldn't be happier to be performing on a steady basis in my hometown. I was looking for the perfect engagement to allow myself the chance to travel less and this couldn't have come at a better time." The Flamingo Las Vegas is renovating their main showroom for Gladys and Gladys also mentioned that she would have a brand new show, a kind of musical.

February 27, 2002: At the pre show ceremony of the 44th Annual Grammy Awards, they announced that Gladys Knight won the Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Album: "At Last." This is her fifth Grammy

March 20, 2002: the voice talents of Gladys Knight could be heard in Episode #029 of Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child: The Bremen Town Musicians.  Four (4) cast-out barn animals head for Bremen Town to become singers in this animated special.  Other voices include George Clinton, Jenifer Lewis and Dionne Warwick. This show airs on HBO.  Ends 04/15/2002.  Broadcast again May 7, 2002, 8:30 am, HBO.  Film makers were awarded a Golden Gate certificate of merit for children’s programs from the San Francisco Film Society.

April 2002: I just heard about a concert on DVD called "THE STARS OF HANDEL" starring Chaka Khan, Jeffrey Osborne, Roger Daltrey and Gladys Knight. This is an 80-minute concert made in Dublin, Ireland. Gladys is fabulous, as usual, and sang more than any of the other performers. Gladys sings in and out of the show without any effort but still giving you her all with her voice. I couldn’t find it listed at amazon.com, but someone on a bulletin board wrote that he found a copy from Brazil on ebay.  I plan to keep looking for this one.

April 13, 2002: Gladys Knight has been confirmed as part of the first round of performers for the tenth annual Carnegie Hall benefit for the Rainforest Foundation. The concert is part of the weeklong Rainforest Awareness Week, which also includes Central Park Run for the Rainforest and a benefit at a SoHo art gallery. The Rainforest Foundation was started by Sting, his wife Trudi Styler and Menkragnoti Kayaop Chief Ranoi in 1989 in an effort to protect the world's diminishing rainforests.

May 5, 2002: Gladys Knight appeared in a segment on the CBS Sunday News The interview showed footage of Gladys' new Las Vegas show.  The show is doing so well that her contract has been extended for another four years.

July 30, 2002: Motown will release a collection titled "A Cellarful of Motown" featuring 40 tracks from the 1960s. Nearly all were recorded in "The Snakepit," a basement studio at Hitsville U.S.A. Twenty of the tracks are songs that were only ever heard by their creators.  Among the songs are ones by The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and The Pips, The Marvelettes, the Isley Brothers and Martha and the Vandellas. The collection has been released in Britain (review) and one of the songs, "Baby A Go-Go" by Barbara McNair, is an underground hit.

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Thursday, October 3, 2002

Announcing my daughter's birth

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2002
Time: 9:30 PM
Location: Portland, Oregon
Weight: 9 lbs, 7.9 oz.
Length: 21 1/4 inches

I was six days overdue when I finally started having real labor contractions at 2 AM on Thursday morning. My daughter was born 19 hours later. Everything went very well except for my rather dramatic tear. We came home on Saturday, October 5, and we were very happy to have so much family come to visit and help out.

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Friday, September 27, 2002

My Tayva Patch Fan Page

Tayva Patch is originally from Arizona. She now lives in Provo, Utah with her husband, Brian, and her son, Richard who has returned from serving a mission for The Church and is studying at UVSC. Tayva and Brian have four children and one granddaughter.

Fall 2002: Tayva Patch appears in "Out of Step," the fictional story of "Jenny Thomas," a Mormon girl from a small town in Utah pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Against her mother's will (Tayva Patch), but with the support of her father (Rick Macy), she leaves home after being accepted to a prestigious dance program and heads to New York. Jenny finds herself alone and overwhelmed. The film combines high-energy dance and cutting edge music with comedy, romance, drama, a traditional quest and very untraditional characters. Tayva Patch and Rick Macy have previously starred together (although never before playing husband and wife) in Blair Treu's "Secret Keeper", Dutcher's "Brigham City)" and Merrill's "Testaments."

September 5, 2002: Tayva opens "Prisoner of Second Avenue" at Provo Theater Company.

August 23, 2002: Blair Treu’s film: “Secret Keeper” (aka “Little Secrets”) opens nationwide. This film debuted at the Heartland Film Festival and won the Crystal Heart Award in October 2001. Tayva Patch appears as Elaine.

July 26, 2002: Tayva became a grandmother again! Congratulations to the whole family!

April 30, 2002: Brigham City is released on DVD. Buy yours now. Brigham City is the story of a sheriff in a small Utah community searching for a serial killer. Tayva Patch appears as Meredith Cole, the FBI agent from Manhattan.

November 29, 2001: Tayva Patch appeared in “4:53” a 17-minute dramatic film by Martin Patch which debuted at the First International Young LDS Film Festival in Provo, Utah. “4:53” is the story of Tom Sorto, a top-notch but work-weary journalist whose overdue leave of absence is threatened by a work obligation. He overcomes independence to meet the obligation and restore passion to his life. April 6, 2001: Richard Dutcher’s Brigham City debuts. Brigham City is the story of a sheriff in a small Utah community searching for a serial killer. Tayva Patch appeared as Meredith Cole, the FBI agent from Manhattan.

January 16, 2001: Tayva Patch’s infant grandson, Jacob Leaver, died in St. Louis, Missouri.

May 2000: Tayva's car was featured as the car of the month in the CR-V Information Exchange

April 14, 2000: Tayva appeared as Susy, the leading role of the Provo Theatre Company's production of Wait Until Dark. Play ended May 13, 2000.

March 24, 2000: Keith Merrill’s The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd debuted in the Legacy Theatre in the at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City. Tayva Patch appears as Mary Magdelene.

February 27, 2000: Tayva appeared as Detective Jane Fleming in the miniseries "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town." Based on Lawrence Schiller's best seller about the still-unsolved murder of 6-year-old child model JonBenet Ramsey.

2000: Tayva Patch appeared as “Mom” in “Happy Go Lucky.” "Happy Go Lucky" is a short comedy film made by Aaron Ruell while a film student at Brigham Young University. "Happy Go Lucky" can currently be viewed online in QuickTime format. Click here. . January 22, 1999: Tayva appeared as Alice Moore in a production of A Man For All Seasons at Brigham Young University's Margetts Arena Theatre.

1998: Tayva appeared in the made for TV movie Not Before He Wakes about an apparently devouted wife and mother who "accidently" shoots her husband dead one night.

September 28, 1997: Tayva appeared as the head nurse in episode 401 of Touched By an Angel

October 10, 1997: Tayva appeared in the PBS production of Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail.

1997: Tayva appeared as Joan in Not in This Town starring Kathy Baker. This movie is the riviting account, based on the true story of one woman's resistance to neo-Nazi forces in Billings, Montana during 1993.

1996: Tayva appeared in the TV movie: Unabomber: A True Story.

1996: Tayva Patch starred in The Touch an LDS Motion Picture Studio student film grant project. The film relates the New Testament story of a woman who is healed when she touches the hem of Christ’s robe. It won nine awards at Final Cut that year. It also won an honorable mention at the Smokey Mountain Nanatahala Film Festival in North Carolina and the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana and a Golden Eagle at the CINE competition.

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