Wednesday, May 9, 2001

My pet ferret Alex

Alex is a really cute ferret I bought in Provo when I was passing through for my sister's wedding in Manti. Alex is 4 years old and very moody. She is queen of her castle. Alex is a girl, and she prefers to be alone, except when she's with me.

Her name, Alex, is short for Alexandra. She has two very round eyes and a furry tail. Alex lives in Tigard, in an apartment with me. She is very quiet and likes to lurk around in dark shadows. Her mysterious nature keeps us entertained, especially when we look for her.

Alex likes to hide under my bed and follow me around. She does not answers to her name.

  • her new roommates
  • bathing
  • to find places to hide
  • climbing in the shower
  • exploring the apartment
  • tunneling
  • chocolate

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