Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fifteen Pounds Down!

Finally! Fifteen pounds down! It's taken me 16 weeks to loose that third five pounds. I got really close just before my twelve-week program with Weight Watchers came to an end, then my weight creeped up slowly, and now its finally coming down again. I've been stuck at 14 pounds down for three weeks. I think the thing that finally brought me down one more pound was my haircut! On Saturday I went and cut my hair nice and short. It was my first hair cut in 14 months (so it had gotten pretty long). In never did the couch to 5K program I was thinking about in April. Maybe I'll give it a try during my vacation. I ordered an electronic calorie counter from I thought it would make it easier to look up foods and count my calories everyday, but the interface was so boring that it was no fun to use. I think I might buy something similar for my iPhone. I might also sign up for Weight Watcher online.

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