Monday, September 3, 2001

My pet ferret Natasha

Natasha is a ferret

Natasha is a really cute ferret we bought at a pet store. She is lovable and sweet, and she prefers to be running, except when she's asleep. She is named Natahsa, because we thought that well with her littermate, Boris. She has two very dark, round eyes and a cute, furry tail.

Natasha lives in Oregon, in an apartment with us. She is very quiet and likes to scurry about at top speed and hide in the kitchen cabinets. Her active nature keeps us entertained, especially when we look for her.

Natasha likes to hide in the furniture and steal things left on the floor. She doesn't answers to her name, but we love her just the same.

  • being cooped up
  • being closed in
  • being bathed
  • being wet
  • to find places to hide
  • to explore the apartment
  • to run full speed
  • to steal guests wallets

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